Business Insurance

Business Insurance

(General Liability, Property, Auto, Workers Comp, Professional Liability, Bonds)

General Liability
General LiabilityBecause the unknown exist in every business, having general liability insurance give your business a safety net to protects business owners against claims or liability for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury in their operations and completed work, so what CGL form of coverage do you have?  Claims-Made vs Occurrence policy:

Occurrence policy cover claims arising from injury or damage occurring while the policy is in force, regardless of when the claim is first made.

Claims-Made policies cover claims that arise from injury or damage occurring during the policy period and reported to the insured during the policy period. Claims arising from events outside the policy period or claims reported to the insured outside the policy period are not covered unless special coverage is purchased or arranged with the insured.

Property First party insurance coverage that indemnifies the owner or user of property for its loss, which many time is loss of its income, loss of use of property on many case it the building and their contents, equipment, time element, and etc.

Auto Commercial auto provides coverage for you, your employees and the vehicles you own, lease, rent or borrow, what it does best is help prevent an accident from damaging your bottom line.

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated in many states, to provide coverage when a job-related injuries or illnesses prevent them from working.

Professional Liability
Professional LiabilityWhat if your business is face with a claims of professional negligence, the coverage you would like to have in place is professional liability insurance coverage, it defense against lawsuits without merit it help protect your assets and the integrity of your business, by covers the cost of defensing and paying damages if a claim is awarded up to your policy limits. Professional liability insurance coverage provides specialty coverage not generally included under the standard general liability policy.

We offer professional liability coverage for certain high-risk industries the benefit of having it is piece of mine because things sometimes happen.

Excess Liability/ Umbrella
Excess Liability/ Umbrella Covers losses that exceed your commercial general liability, and above the limits of other policy .

Inland Marine
Inland MarineUnique coverage for business property that is mobile in nature, many types of property are covered, equipment, transportation, communications, fine art and construction just to name a few. Many inland marine coverage forms provide coverage without regard to the location of the covered property sometime call a “floater insurance coverage” Inland marine coverage forms are general broader than property coverage forms.

Surety & Fidelity Bonds
Surety & Fidelity Bonds What are some the reason for bonds services; guaranteeing the completion of construction project,
2. Assuring the payment of contractors 3. Helping achieve compliance with state laws, 4. Protect against breach of fiduciary responsibilities. .